Ecommerce Psychology: 25 Tips To Help Improve Online Sales

In making online sales, you’ll often find you need to make a big push to convert visitors into buyers.

If you are interested in ecommerce psychology, here are 25 tips to help improve online sales.

Ad extensions make your ads more attractive
If you sell a range of products which can be broken down into smaller groups (say you’re an estate agent that operates in sales and letting or you’re a retailer that sells men’s and ladies shoes), you can add specific links to each product in your adverts, helping direct your audience to where they need to be.

Analyse what works and then do more of this
No matter what CMS you use, you should have information you can analyse and review. This will hopefully provide you with information that indicates where traffic is coming from, how they find you and what they do when they are on your page. Analyse this information and use it to provide better services to your audience, which should lead to increased sales.

Answer questions your users have
It is likely that your audience will have questions they want answered before they commit to buying from you. You need to know what these questions are and then you need to provide the answer that satisfies your audience.

Be honest
While you want to be as convincing as possible in your sales copy, you need to be honest as well. If you promise the earth from your product or service and it offers much less, you’ll find that people will be disappointed or feel cheated. This could lead to bad reviews and refund requests. It is always better to be honest about what customers can expect from your product.

Be mobile friendly
If you want to make sales, you need to provide your audience with a satisfying experience. If your site hasn’t been optimised for the user’s browser or device, they won’t be happy using your site. There is also the added concern that Google is penalising sites that aren’t mobile friendly, so make your site is suitable for all users.

Converse with your audience on social media
If you want people to feel confident about buying from you, try and develop a relationship with them. One of the best ways you can convince your audience to buy from you is to converse with people on social media. You can answer questions about your products and hopefully put people’s mind at ease when it comes to buying from you.

Create a deadline or introduce a sense of urgency to an offer or deal
If you want people to click that buy button, make them feel as though they’ll miss out if they don’t do it soon. If you can convince people that an offer will be removed or the price will rise shortly, they are far more likely to take action and buy it now.

Have a consistent brand
Your brand should be consistent in everything you do, and this includes at your point of sale. Whatever tone and mood you have in all of your other activities and communication, make sure it is consistent with how you communicate on your sales page.

Get to the point
People are busy and they want to get the information they are looking for. This means you should get to the point, provide bullet points regarding your product or service and then allow people to buy. If people need more persuasion to buy, continue on the rest of the page but there will be some buyers looking to act swiftly, so you should make it easier for them.

Increase the payment options on offer
You should always be looking to make it easier for people to buy from you and a good way to achieve this is to offer more payment options. If people find it easier to buy and pay, they’ll be more likely to do so.

Make it easier to buy at the checkout
One issue that many businesses have comes with customers abandoning their order at the checkout. You need to make it as easy as possible to conclude the deal. If people are abandoning the purchase, you should ask questions why this is happening and learn what you can do to prevent this from happening.

Make targeted and focused landing pages
You want to make sure that your landing pages are tailored to the connections coming through to your site and meeting the needs of the people who are landing on this page. A catch-all landing page may do your business more harm than good, so think about the issues that your audience has and create landing pages that meet these needs.

Offer free goods
People love free good and offering bonuses or additional reasons to buy will always be well received by customers. Free goods could be the incentive that turns someone that peruses into a buyer.

Offer tiered pricing
Similar to offering more payment options, if your product is priced in a manner that would allow for tiered pricing, you should offer. Anything which helps your customer spread the cost of payment or feel more confident about paying for their goods, you should do this.

Provide a money back guarantee
If you are able to reduce the risk a buyer feels when making a purchase, they will be more likely to do so. A money back guarantee offers peace of mind to a customer and could increase the likelihood of them buying from you.

Provide customer testimonials
In the digital era, many customers are wary of firms and they want to be convinced that a product or service is right for them. This can be difficult for businesses to do but a great way to provide proof of what you offer is to use customer testimonials. If you have received positive feedback from your audience, share this with your new customers.

Provide discounts for returning customers/referrals
You want to encourage people who have bought from you to buy from you again. All companies should be looking to build loyalty and the benefits of having repeat customers will be of considerable benefit. You can offer discounts to repeat customers or you may want to provide incentives or bonuses to customers that refer you to their friends.

Reduce the buying options on offer
This may sound counter-intuitive to making sales but if you have a lot of similar options, the choice may actually put people off. Try offering a more limited range of products and see if this helps to focus the mind of your audience.
Speak directly to consumer personas
While every customer is an individual, it is likely that you have certain groups or personas of customers who buy from you. You need to know the types of people who buy from you and then you should look to target these groups directly.

Target people who like your rival’s products
If you rival firms, what are they doing for their customers that you aren’t and why are these people buying from a rival and not you? Targeting people who are already buying similar products or services to what you offer can save time and make the process of finding new customers easier.

Use better quality images
If you have images of your product or service in use, make sure you use the best standard of images. Images play a big part in the opinion people form of you and your firm, so make sure you provide a compelling argument for people to buy from you.

Use pop-ups if people look as though they are going to click away
The use of pop-ups is always open for debate because they can be annoying. However, if you have people on your sales page and they go to click off or step back, why not install a pop-up that provides a discount or something extra for your audience. This can help reduce the number of people who visit your landing page but decide against buying from you.

Use re-targeting advertising
A strategy that is becoming increasingly popular is using re-targeting advertising. This focuses on people who have visited your site but who never completed a purchase. By reminding people of what you offer and the products they reviewed, you may persuade them to buy from you.

Use red buy buttons
Sometimes the colour of the buy button is a factor in whether people buy from you. Studies suggest that people are more likely to click a red button than a green button, so try this change and see if you make more sales.

Use video content
Video content is hugely important these days and customers expect it. This means you should look to offer video content, especially on your sales page. Showing your product or service in use may be the final piece of encouragement a customer needs to buy from you.

These 25 tips will help you improve online sales.

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Ian Watson
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