6 Awesome Tips To Help Your Website To Rank Higher on Google

All businesses should want their website to rank as highly possible on Google, and there are steps and actions you can take to improve your rankings.

Here are 6 awesome tips to help your website to rank higher on Google.

Make sure your website speed is fast
Given that Google has admitted that page speeds are an algorithm they use to rank websites, there are no excuses for overlooking this aspect. You need your site to load quickly because if you don’t, visitors will log back off your site.

If someone is on Google, clicks on a link to your site and then clicks back because the site takes too long to load, Google will assume that your site isn’t of benefit or interest. Add this to the fact that Google carry out tests on sites to review speeds and suddenly you have criteria that really matters in ranking your site.

Use unique content
Unique content is the key to ranking higher and improving your customers. First of all, if you use duplicate content and you are caught, you’ll be penalised. It isn’t worth the risk because it may mean that no one can find your site.

Original content sends a good signal to Google, it will provide more value to your reader and it shows that you are an expert with knowledge in this field. If you have more people sharing your content and people staying longer on your site, Google will pick up on the fact that you are clearly doing something right with your site.

You should also look to create posts that have at least 250 words but if you can create content of 400+ words, you are more likely to be ranked well on Google.

You have to research and use keywords
You may think that you know what people will type in when they search for you or a solution you offer, but there is no need to guess. A keyword tool (with Google Adwords Keyword tool being a great option available for free) will help you find the most effective keywords for your site and for individual pages. Ideally, you want a keyword term that has a high volume of searches but has low competition.

You should also make sure that your keyword appears in your domain and description wherever possible.

Use keywords in your anchor text
When you use links on your website to another page, try and avoid phrases like “click here” or “find out more”, you should use a keyword for your anchor text. Ideally, this should also happen when other people link to your website but this may be harder to arrange. If you know people at the website or blog that is linking to you, ask if they can make the anchor text relate to your site and what you offer.

Update your site regularly
If you want to make your site more attractive to your audience, you want to provide them with fresh content as this will keep them coming back on a regular basis. However, fresh content also sends out a positive sign to Google that your site is active and you offer new reasons to come back.

It is important to realise that the key things you do to make life easier for your audience can often help your Google rankings as well. This means updating your site regularly should become best practice on your site.

Be mobile friendly
If your site is already optimised and can adapt to whatever browser or device your visitor uses, good news, you can relax. However, if your site isn’t already optimised for mobile use, your rankings will be penalised. This is something that Google takes very seriously and recent rumours suggest that sites that aren’t mobile friendly are in some cases not being ranked by Google. The ones that are being ranked have certainly been penalised, so don’t take this risk.

Again, this is a step you should take to ensure your customers receive a good standard of service but it never hurts to provide search engines with what they are looking for.

If you follow these 6 awesome tips, you will significantly increase your chances of ranking well on Google.

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Ian Watson
Agent Website

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