5 Awesome Ways To Make Your New Website More Sociable

If you thought having a blog on your website was the be all and end all for making your new website more sociable, you’ll need to think again. A blog is a vital component of your website, so you need to have one, but a blog should just be the starting point when it comes to encouraging people to visit and explore your site.

Here are 5 awesome ways to make your new website more sociable.

Add a plug-in that displays latest social media content on your site
You may have seen this on various sites and it is a good way to create a strong link between your site and your social media accounts. Displaying your most recent social media posts helps to keep your website current and it showcases what you offer to your followers on places like Twitter and Facebook.

Given that you should be sharing links to your site on social media, this will also provide an opportunity to drive traffic in and around your site.

Share your content across social media platforms
When it comes to increasing the sociable nature of your website, you need to be proactive. This means you need to share your content and bring it to the attention of other people. When you post new content on your site, inform people on social media. When you want to discuss a product or service you offer, inform people on social media and direct them to your site.

Being proactive in sharing content and directing people towards your site is often the starting point in encouraging other people to do the same.

Allow for comments and feedback
If you want to have a sociable website, you need to get opinions, so make it easy for people to comment. This means when you post a blog, leave the comments section at the bottom and ask people for comments or get them to share their memories.

You should also make it clear that you want to hear what people think about your site and inform them that their input can drive your future decisions. If you make people feel important to the development of your site and company, they’ll be far more likely to get involved.

Run a poll
Polls are very quick and easy to run and people will click on a button to give you some insight. Whether you are asking a general question or you are looking to gain insight into what you should next offer to your audience, polls are essential in increasing the sociable nature of your site.

Be sure to encourage users to check back to see what option is in the lead, tell people to get their friends to vote too and make sure you list the closing date of the poll so people will come back to see what option was the most popular.

Regularly update your site and give people reasons to come back
Above all, you need to provide fresh content and update your site on a regular basis. When you want people to come back and comment, you need to give them a reason to do so, and fresh content is often the best way to achieve this.

There is also the fact that leading search engines prefer sites that add content regularly, so there is a lot to gain by updating your site as and when you can.

Creating a sociable website will pay off and these 5 awesome steps should help you develop a site people want to engage and interact with.

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Ian Watson
Agent Website

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