20 Marketing Ideas For Your Business

If you are looking to market your business in a more effective way but you are not sure what to do next, you may just need a helping hand.

Here are 20 marketing ideas for your business.

Post a blog
A blog post is a great way to showcase your skills, make yourself look like an industry expert and you’ll drive people towards your site. Having fresh content is good for search engines and blog content gives you something new to share from social media.

Create how to videos using your product or service
Video content is becoming increasingly important for businesses. If you create video content walking customers through your products or showing people how to use your products, you’ll benefit in a number of ways. You have content that can be shared online, it provides valuable information to your audience, it will keep people on your site and it can showcase your employees and your brand in a good light.

Use infographics
You don’t have a lot of time to make an impact in the digital era so infographics are fantastic to use to market your business. Good quality infographics provide interesting information that will strike a chord with your audience and drive people towards your site as they want to find out more information.

Reuse previous material in a new way
With video content and infographics, you can reuse previous material in a new way. If you have great content in blogs or brochures, you may be able to reposition this as a script for a video or as the basis of infographics. You shouldn’t use duplicate content on your website but you can use your content in a range of ways in marketing your business.

Look to publish on guest blogs or print magazines
If you can be a guest publisher, poster or writer on another platform, you have the chance to put yourself and your firm in front of a new audience. Many businesses look at guest posts and sharing blog content with other sites as a great way to reach out to new people.

Use email marketing and engage your audience
Email marketing remains a brilliant way to inform and engage your audience. If you can offer your audience something of merit, they’ll give you their email address, and you can reach out to them with tailored content and promotional activities.

Use social media to engage your audience
Social media is essential for most firms these days and you should have a presence on social media platforms. This allows you to reach out to your audience but it also allows people to speak to you. In modern business, having a conversation with your customers is crucial and social media is often the best way to achieve this.

Run social media competitions
If you have used social media for any period of time, you’ll know that competitions are very popular. They are easy to run, they get your name in front of a lot of new people and they engage your audience. If you want to expand your audience, run a competition on your social media platforms.

Shine a spotlight on your team
Your audience wants to know the people at your business. Using your blog, emails, social media platform or brochures to give insight into your employees allows people to connect with your business.

Be active in the local community
You should look to promote the local community and support other businesses. This is very easy to do on social media and you should talk about local events or news stories. If you are seen as a firm that supports the local community, the local community is far more likely to support you.

Support a good cause or local charity
This can be followed on with by supporting a local charity or good cause. The goodwill benefits that come from an initial outlay of time or money can be very appealing to businesses and you should seriously consider supporting local charities.

Use business cards
Not everything in the current business world is digital. You should still have business cards for your employees because there will always be opportunities to meet other people and network. A good quality business card helps to keep your firm in the mind of customers, suppliers and partners.

Publish a book on what you do and how you can help
A modern and updated twist on the business card is to self-publish a book for your business or a particular aspect of the business. These can be produced quickly and affordably, and it will serve as a great calling card for your business which you can give to people. This may be something you use to entice people to sign up for a mailing list or you can give it to potential suppliers to prove your standing in the industry.

Host a tutorial, class or lecture
If you have knowledge to share, do so. This can be done online or in person. This may be a good way to generate awareness of your business, to develop your email list or to sell products or services at the end of the lecture.

Join a local professionals group
There are many professional groups or bodies and whether you choose an industry or local based one, this is an opportunity to network and receive promotion from the group as a whole. These groups can be found online and offline, and on social media platforms, so no matter how busy or remote you are, there will be opportunities to network and connect with like minded professionals.

Carry out keyword research

Don’t just assume that you know what your audience wants, carry out research. This is true for keyword research, so take the time to look at what people are looking for when they find you, or a rival company.

Review your competitors
One thing that should be part of your marketing activities is reviewing your competition. Is there something they are doing well that you aren’t? Is there a gap in their activities that you can take advantage of? Looking at your rivals will provide you with a platform to take the next steps forward with your business.

Reward customers that refer your business
If you have satisfied customers, can you encourage them to promote your business or refer other people to you? A referral scheme may drive a lot of traffic to your site or raise awareness about what your business has to offer.

Attend industry events or conferences and be sure to network
If there are industry conferences or networks that are relevant to you, ask to join or even see if you can promote or present at the event. There is a great deal to be said for raising awareness and even if you don’t have much to offer, this will be a fantastic opportunity to see your peers and rivals at close quarters. Every business can benefit from looking at the actions of their peers and then deciding whether there is scope to try something new.

Can you partner with other businesses on certain projects?
You don’t need to do everything yourself in business. It may be that there are local firms you can work alongside on a bigger project. If you have a crossover in your audience, this can be beneficial to both firms and it may allow you to make progress at a much faster and convenient rate.

Hopefully these 20 marketing ideas will boost your business and give you some tips on how to promote your company.

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Ian Watson
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